“Rebecca and I had an amazing experience and love how much help we received. It actually gave me some hope for her future and makes me a bit more at ease. I love the fact that it (the program) gives people with disabilities a chance in this world...to live a normal life.”



"Thanks for listening to me...where I live is my choice. I don’t want to end up in a group home."



“My experience with the program has been that it provides a great deal of additional value and has provided several clients with resources to move on from. The one-on-one nature of client interaction is just what many clients need.”



“I was at a complete loss where to turn-the system is broken. Only by chance, did I come across the program. After several planning sessions with the program, my son has started a job near the house and learning to have a regular schedule. He is not hiding in his room all the time.”

Stewart Zaun, (SEED)


"Working with David and the Person Directed Planning Program to support Youth in finding employment has been a pleasure. Prompt, professional and respectful, David and his team provide opportunities for success to their participants and in doing so also provide for partnership opportunities between service providers."



"This program has been great for Shawn. He has been looking for a job to fit him for a long time. With working with Emma he has found an employer willing to work with him and give him a chance. I have seen Shawn struggling to find work and didn't know how to help him until we found out about the Person Directed Planning Program. For the first time in a while I see Shawn excited to go back to work and not feel frustrated that he couldn't find work. Thank you for creating this program. It will help a lot of people to set goals and achieve them"



You’re so kind Emma. Thank you for being there for me. I’m really happy that we met and my care coordinator says so too!

Ken MacAdam -DCS


"This is a vital program and very much in need; it greatly enhances the quality of life for clients as it covers needs that are beyond the role of an Income Assistance Caseworker"



"This service is filling the gaps that most people are facing in the community. After establishing goals many people face the barrier of a lack of connections in the community to facilitate accomplishing the goal. This would help families and organizations in the implementation steps."



"It is awesome to hear that this population is getting a voice and being part of directing their lives, as they should!"



"It's a great program supporting individuals with varying abilities in which the individual guides the plan to achieve the goals they decide on"



 "BAC is moving in the right direction. From Institutionalization to Person Directedness and Community Capacity Building! Wow! Great job you guys!"



        "Excellent to hear about services of Breton Ability Centre as well as understanding of access and process of approaches working with individuals. Great to hear emphasis on planning by persons seeking services of utmost importance along with steps laid out to provide feelings of accomplishment throughout."



"Thank you for helping me"